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    Imagine floating serenely through the air above the coast of Maui—the ocean is waving slowly below you, the sunbathers on Kaanapali Beach look like ants on tiny towels, all is quiet, and you are soaring so high, you can see the curvature of the Earth! West Maui Parasail can make this picture happen for you. As a matter of fact, they’ve produced over 200,000 flights just like this since 1985. Parasailing at Kaanapali is simultaneously delightful and relaxing when you travel 38 stories or higher while securely attached to a 31’ speedboat!

    From Kaanapali Beach, you’ll take a cool yellow shuttle boat to the parasail speedboat waiting for you a little ways offshore. Depending on everyone’s body weight and the weather conditions, you can parasail alone or with one or two other people. (Children 6 – 12 must fly with someone who is 18 or over.) On this incredible, timeless float, you’ll spend 8 – 10 minutes taking in the tropical bird’s eye views of the gorgeous island of Maui, the West Maui Mountains, the surrounding turquoise waters, and all three amazing neighbor islands! Can you imagine being up that high?

    Here’s a basic outline of the super fun workings of a West Maui Parasail tour! First, the chute is inflated off the back of the boat, and then you are strapped into your harness, which is like the seat of a swing and is attached below the chute. The boat uses a specialized mechanical system for your launch and recovery, and depending on the rope length you choose, you will end up between 38 and 50 stories high! (Is your heart beating faster, yet?)

    There is a platform at the back of the boat from which you take off and land, so you needn’t get wet, but for some, that’s half the fun! Your USCG licensed captain and the assisting crew can—at your request—slow down to quickly dip your toes into and out of the Pacific! How cool is that? (It’s actually extremely cool. And no, no one’s ever been bitten by a shark while parasailing.)

    While you are busy enjoying the unbelievable vistas, your West Maui Parasail crew will take 30 – 50 photos of you at take-off, the quick Pacific dip, up super high, and when you land. You can purchase the photos on an SD card to relive the excellent memories when you are home again.

    Parasailing season runs from May 16th through December 14th, and anyone 6 years old and up can enjoy this activity. Parties of 6 or more receive a reduced rate, and reservations are recommended, as the Kaanapali parasailing crew is generally booked at least 2 days in advance.

    So get your bathing suit on, and we’ll see you in the sky!

    Minimum weight 125 to fly alone, maximum weight 350 for single or tandem.
    Not recommended for ages 5 and under, pregnant women or those with back or neck problems.  *No observers on early bird special.
    6-12 years old may fly tandem with an adult.  Bring extra cash for souvenir t-shirts, hats or photo packages.


    Imagine floating more than 30 stories in the air, tethered to a moving speedboat. You just took a small craft from the beach to a 31′ speedboat. The captain got the new boat moving, and the countdown began.

    Kaanapali Beach 2525 Ka’anapali Parkway

    West Maui Parasail Kaanapali Flying's home is located in Kaanapali Beach 2525 Ka’anapali Parkway

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    West Maui Parasail Kaanapali Flying



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